We are pleased to offer a complete range of services to our patients, using the latest in dental technologies in our state-of-the-art facility.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening is one of today's most popular self-enhancing procedures. We offer several ways to improve your smile & to correct color, shape, alignment & the spacing of your teeth. We provide 3 ways to whiten stained or discolored teeth or enhance a 'dull' smile: whitening strips, bleaching trays and the in-office 'KoR' whitening system.

Veneers are thin porcelain coverings placed on the front part of the teeth. Made by our dental laboratry, they are a great aesthetic option to improve appearance & restore teeth for the long term.

Bonding is a composite resin material adhered to the tooth to match adjacent teeth or lighten the tooth's color. This can also be used to repair damage, close gaps, improve alignment or for other cosmetic reasons.

Crowns cover teeth that are damaged, broken, spaced unevenly or have had root canal treatment. Covering the whole tooth, a crown is also an excellent cosmetic option. Dr. Fortner will help you choose what option is best for you!

Preventive Oral Care

We recommend a dental cleaning every 6 months to prevent the buildup of plaque, which can lead to unhealthy gums & tooth decay. X-rays are taken to detect decay or other problems not readily visible. For our younger patients, we offer sealant tooth coverage and fluoride/varnish treatments to help prevent tooth decay.

Restorative Services

Fillings. Decay, if detected soon enough, can be removed & the tooth restored to its normal shape & function with a durable composite (tooth colored) filling material. We can also remove old failing amalgam (silver colored) fillings, to increase tooth strength & enhance your smile's appearance.

Crowns are used to restore teeth that are damaged, cracked, broken, or following root canal therapy. A crown completely covers the tooth, providing long term protection & enhancement of appearance or correcting spacing and alignment.

Tooth Replacement

A Bridge consists of 3 or more joined crowns that fill the space left by a missing tooth, (which should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid problems with shifting of the adjacent or opposing teeth).

Partial & Full Dentures are removable options to replace missing teeth & provide aesthetic and functional benefits.

An Implant Crown completes the restoration of a tooth that has been removed & replaced with a dental implant, once that implant has healed. An implant is the best tooth replacement option dentistry can offer, providing a natural feeling in your mouth & helping ensure healthy bone.

Endodontic Treatment

When a tooth is severely traumatized or decayed, or an infection reaches the center of the tooth (the pulp), root canal therapy is needed. The tooth canals are cleaned out and disinfected, then filled with a specialized material to prevent further infection or damage. The buildup filling and crown are then placed to complete treatment. Some signs that the pulp is infected include: bad taste in the mouth, tooth sensitivity, swelling or pain.

Other Services include:

Extractions - tooth removal

Mouth Guards - to help with jaw pain or discomfort from clenching, grinding or TMJ, or to protect teeth during outdoor or sports activities.

Retainers - to maintain tooth alignment & spacing

Gum Treatments - to treat all stages of gum inflammation or disease.